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BMW CEO announce a new energy efficient BMW for China

The Shanghai Motor Show next month will host the release of the BMW 5-Series, this is hybrid model which is very energy efficient as claimed by the company officials and the BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer.

Though the buzz for such a car was already in the air, the BMW Company made an official announcement this week only. Expectations are that this car will not be sold in the US and will be manufactured and sold in China itself. The car has a long wheelbase and sports the ActiveHybrid 5 in testing, the company has plans for a hybrid 3-Series as well, so maybe both these cars maybe similar in few respects.

The officials were cryptic about this new car and said that it will benefit from the tag and good will of the BMW Company. With the new York Auto Show starting the same time as the Shanghai Motor Show there are chances that the 5-Series Active Hybrid series which was scheduled to be launched at Geneva might show up here with the Chinese getting the New Energy Vehicle.

This car was first revealed at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, at that time it featured a 6 cylinder gasoline engine and few hybrid solutions that aimed for around 10% reduction in fuel consumption and emissions.

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  1. What a nice car! BMW forever!

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