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BMW 1-Series now in Short Films

Since the unveiling of the five door hatchback, the new BMW 1-Series the company is looking for many a means for proper marketing of this car. The company has now made a number of short films that revolve around this car and have taken the help of two brothers named Freddy and Adam in doing so.

The film portrays Freddy as an actor cum model who is a guy and it show Adam to be a person who does not like cameras too much, works with architects and happens to be the wilder of the two.

The idea behind this short film is to show the diverse usage and appeal of the BMW 1-Series, and the range of audience it can cater to. Another important factor is the highlighting to the two new trim lines that have been introduced in this model, the Sports and the Urban both of these are excellent machines.

The car will be launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. The time it is launched the car will sport BMW’s latest engine that is a four cylinder one and turbocharged. The engine will be available in gasoline and diesel variants with a power output of 116HP to 184HP.

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