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Best Ever Car Stunts of Hollywood Movies

Car stunts in Hollywood are driven with such extremisms that it imprints a watermark on our memory lane for lifetime, with some special reference to Bond, James Bond. However, Mr. Tom Cruise also runs parallel to this series, tangling some high voltage metal crash in Mission Impossible epic.

In the countdown, we have excluded both of them as they are an extra professional for this list.

Out of many only best five had made to our ways, which are now listed below.

  • Wanted (2008)

Wanted was all about the beautiful and gorgeous Angelina Jolie who was doing exclusive stunts on a red Dodge Viper SRT-10. It suited well to her personality as both of them were fast intelligent and overall eye grabbing too. Car action sequence was placed in the beginning to welcome audiences with a warm ‘Jolie’ hug that could keep them engraved throughout the whole motion picture. This sequence sparks out everything from bold to extreme, as visuals seems to be supported by high end graphic team.

Dodge Viper SRT-10

  • The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006)

Tokyo drift lumbers around heavy lugs and their drifts, a much advanced version than its predecessors. Car chase of Sean Boswell (Lucas Black) with Japanese mafias in the city of Tokyo was an unforgettable moment, as it draws some escapes with the help of drifts that signifies movie title under the smoke fumes of expensive rubber.

Tokyo Drift

  • The Italian Job (2003)

Italian Job does not needs an introduction, as it is well known throughout the world with some huge number of remakes among local movie industry. Beautifully painted MINI Coopers were not posed as a lug of iron log here, but they had enacted as a whole fully fledged lead in the movie. As in climax, all of them were made to run in drainage under very severe condition with a couple of armored bikers on the back at every sight. After all Mini is a real champion, it tumbles down all enemies with its smart tweaks that is guaranteed at every stare.

The Italian Job

  • The Bourne Identity (2002)

Bourne identity was based on a very famous novel by Robert Ludlum, which depicts the story of a spy trying to get over his memory loss. Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) transverse through very rough patches in the duration with his undiscovered excellent escaping skills, reminded us of James Bond at some point. Difference between both the Bonds was that, Damon was ill equipped as the original one, which carries end number of a first of its kind gadgets just at the click.

Car-action in this movie was against French Police that flowed brilliantly with an old red colored Mini Cooper. A first impression of this quadric wheeled will not give you a good vibe, but on seeing the chase sequence, anyone would become its diehard fan. It maneuvered swiftly through the narrow lanes of France including a long crumbled staircase as well, giving some hard time to policemen on their heavy blocked white steel. Wrong way traffic direction scene was undoubtedly up to the mark, inclining all visual driving sensations to reality.

The Bourne Identity

  • Gone in 60 Seconds (2000)

It is based on a plot of car theft, in which Randall “Memphis” Raines (Nicholas Cage) was entitled to steal 50 cars in 72 hours for his younger bro, who had became a prey to British crime boss Raymond Calitri (Christopher Eccleston). This one was about cars and only cars, which includes some rare and beautiful models as well.

The top notch that took other 49 by a storm was a 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500 powered with a V6 engine negotiating to 101 horsepower. This classic swept the whole Police carnival by an end number of collective smartness. A scene in the motion picture also showed Shelby’s powerful reverse racing capability which was un-experienced to such insanity level, till date.

Choppers in the air couldn’t get themselves right with this Mustang GT 500, as it boasted to fullest using Nitrogen canisters parked under its guise. Overall it was about a 10 minute car chase, which ended with a high air jump on one of the beautiful engineered steel suspended bridges of US. Just like a true Hero!

Gone in 60 Seconds

That’s why it had made to the top of our list, as a handsome Nicholas Cage was also seen running madly after beauties (not excluding Angelina).

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