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Bertone And Aston Martin Create Jet 2+2 For Geneva Motor Show

Italian design as well as coach building firm Bertone has set up this exclusive shooting brake idea edition of the Aston Martin Rapide.

The idea named as ‘Bertone Jet 2+2’ has been produced for the Geneva Motor Show (GMS) with the aim to commemorate both Aston’s anniversary and sixty years of teamwork between the two well known giants, Bertone and Aston Martin.

The Jet 2+2 accompanies the Jet 2 concept vehicle from the year 2004 that was a shooting brake edition of the Vanquish.

Bertone’s fabricated Jet 2+2 is based on Aston’s ‘Rapide’.

Bertone Aston Martin Rapide

The newly fabricated Jet 2+2 has Rapide’s 476 horsepower in addition to a 6.0 litre V12 engine. It has far better appearances with a well designed shape for a vehicle with shooting brake version. In the interior, 2+2 is roomy with 4 individual seats and two back seats that fold down to have float loading region.

It also boasts an added cargo room. On the whole, it has an outstanding interior.

There is a led strip that links the rear light. Wheels of the vehicle are made such that when the vehicle is not moving they create a view as if car is moving. Hand build model was purchased by an unnamed client but Bertone did not disclose how much this unnamed customer paid.

Bertone Aston Martin Rapide Back View

Updated edition of jet 2 shooting brake will also be exhibited for the first time in Geneva. It boasts 550 bhp. These two are the confirmed debuts for Geneva motor show 2013.

As per reports, “The stylish Jet 2+2 maintains the identical mechanicals as the Rapide, and the similar facets in addition. Power comes from a 470bhp edition of Aston’s 5.9-litre V12 taken from the existing Rapide, rather than the more powerful 550bhp edition from the forthcoming Rapide S. That model also gets introduced in Geneva. The major alteration from the Rapide to Jet 2+2 is its changed shooting brake-technique body. Elongated, muscular lines assist emphasize the vehicle’s glossy, graceful shape.”

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