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Bentley thinking about making a longer Mulsanne with diesel power

This headline would definitely grab the eyeballs. People would just go crazy thinking that a company which has never had diesel power plants under the hood of its cars, right from the time they came into business, has suddenly started to think about diesel power. Wait a minute? Isn’t the Mulsanne supposed to be a long wheel base version? Bentley cleared up all these confusions by saying that they believe in serving to requesting customers and not just build cars for the masses. There have been many requests to Bentley to come up with an even longer version of the Bentley Mulsanne and also ones being powered by the sticky fuel.

Bentley thinking about making a longer Mulsanne with diesel powerWolfgang Durheimer, Bentley’s boss, recently said that the company has been receiving these so-called crazy requests from customers time and again. Considering the global situation in the car market wherein each manufacturer worth his salt is bringing in smaller capacity engines with better breathing capabilities, Bentley didn’t want to be left far behind. Chances are that parent company Volkswagen would provide their 4.0 liter V8 engine or as Durheimer put it, “Our engineers are looking for more efficiency, at the same time not compromising on the power aspect, hence a 6 cylinder engine with the same capacity would most probably be our first target.” Also, there are chances of a hybrid powertrain being showcased with the Bentley, what with the likes of Rolls Royce coming up with the 102EX.

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