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Bentley discovers its potential in China on the release of the Q1 results for 2011

The number of cars sold by Bentley Motors in Mainland China (excluding Macau and Hong Kong) is about 396 at the first quarter of this year 2011. It is an unbeatable record at the Asian markets. The current record dawned by beating the previous record that was also set by the same company Bentley in the last year 2010 having an all time high in sales with an increase of 66 percent.

The number of cars produced in China by Bentley was lesser than 1000 in 2010 which is the double the figures on comparison to its production 2009. The statistics reveal the China had become the third most valuable market for Bentley. With the figures so far in 2011, a new record has been set by China as they have more units sold than the United Kingdom for the first time in the history of Bentley and thereby China becoming the second most important market after the United States. The statistics prove that one of four cars sold globally by Bentley is bought by the Chinese market.

The sales record show cases the fact that the sale of the cars were highly achieved in China before the arrival of the brand new Mulsanne and Continental GT, which denotes the fact that Bentley has much more scope of increasing its sales in the near future. The figures revealed from the Shanghai auto show had 50 out of 396 sold in the Chinese market, which were spoken for at the show, with Continental GT models making a number of 25 in it.

Alasdair Stewart, a board member from Bentley for its sales and marketing made statements of the Chinese market and the Chinese customers. He stated that the value provide by the Chinese customers is the same compared to the rest of the world on the history of Bentley which showcases its potential in the development of the vehicles with the finest luxury and automotive excellence. Originally China served to be the grounds for the marketing of the four-door cars like that of the Continental Flying Spur and the Mulsanne. In recent times the Chinese market had a passion developed for the high speed and performance sports cars that evolves lots of fun and enjoyments to its owners.

On the acknowledgment of the company’s potential in the Chinese market, Bentley has reinforced it with the company hosting one of its prestigious Worldwide Dealer Conference in Beijing, China, the first ever on the Asian grounds.

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