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Batmobile hits the road for its final act in “The Dark Knight Rises”

We have previously reported about the appearance of an aerial mobile, hovering in one of the trailers of the upcoming Batman movie. Later, we saw a glimpse of the ‘Catwoman,’ riding the ‘Batpod’ in another promotion teaser. Yes, we are an automotive portal, but we’re obsessed about anything on wheels that is so sinfully gorgeous. Latest on the upcoming Dark Knight flick is the Tumbler, a.k.a. the Batmobile, which is on a tour as a part of promotional camp for the movie.

As much as the virtual marketing geeks would beg to differ, the idea of presenting the Batmobile to the crowd totally rules. Not only is it magnetizing masses from around the country, fans also get to pose and capture the moment with Bruce Wayne’s deadly stallion.

Batmobile hits the road for its final act in The Dark Knight Rises
The Batmobile will make its appearance in “The Dark Knight Rises,” slated to hit the theatres on July 20. Meanwhile, the team is busy traveling the country and boasting the marvelous machine near movie theaters, Wal-Marts, museums and stadiums. The tour kicked off on May 12 and will run through July before winding up at Southern California.

Batmobile hits the road for its final act in The Dark Knight Rises
Nathan Crowley, the production designer for the Batman trilogy describes the vehicle as “part-Lamborghini, part-tank.” The 15-foot-long Batmobile made its debut in 2005 with the “Batman Begins,” which continued with the sequel, “The Dark Knight” in 2008. This behemoth machine will appear in one last act with “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Batmobile hits the road for its final act in The Dark Knight Rises
Touring alongside the Batmobile is its two-wheeled fragment, The Bat-pod. We love the Batpod for its agile dynamics, aggressive riding stance and fat tyres. Brace yourself for the final act of Chirstopher Nolan in Gotham city.

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