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Axle assembly flaw causes Jeep to recall few of its models

A few weeks back, numerous complaints by Jeep owners due to serious splashback and overflow at the pump caused the company to recall few of the models of the Wrangler, the reason being an Axle check.

The issues recalls few Wrangler models and involves the checking of bolts that attach the front and rear axles, the bolts might not have been tightened properly which resulted in the separation of Axle from the Chassis.

Although it might sound pretty dangerous, this does not happen overnight. The drivers will hear rattling and other noises coming from the lower body of the car. They may also notice changes in steering control, the situation becoming severe might result in loss of handling and eventually a crash.

Due to this serious problem the Jeep Company has recalled few of its Wrangler models this month. Owners will be notified by the Chrysler Company and will be able to take their vehicle to local dealers to get the bolts tightened to appropriate standards.

If you have further queries feel free to contact, Chrysler at 800-853-1403 and reference call number L09. You may even contact the National Highway Traffic Security Administration at 888-327-4236 and talk about campaign 11V145000.

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