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Audi’s new commercial to defy its rivalries BMW, Lexus and Mercedes

America’s Audi launches two new commercials for its advertising campaign that is to produce a response of its same kind from its competitor in the premium segment. The tag line of the advertisement by Audi is “Car Carrier”. The commercials are targeted on the BMW owners who become crazy after viewing the Ingolstadt’s spanking new automotive metal that is fully loaded on a truck.

The exaggeration hit on the commercials has no words to be described and the commercial from Audi is no exception. The driver of BMW 3-Series is so excited that he jumps of the sunroof of his car into the truck as to find out the fact that those cars were reserved and preoccupied by the consumers like him who are desperate to lay their hands on Audi. So he is left with no other choice as to settle down at the passenger seats in one of the cars.

The narrator of the ad uses his serious tone as to point out the fact that the more owners of the Mercedes, BMW and the Lexus are biding good bye to their cars for the Audi.

Such an ad from Audi must have created ripples of excitement and shock in its competitors and the best guess is that we are not far from seeing reply in a campaign from one of Audi’s rival brands.

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