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Audi working on A3 allroad according to reports

If you are a born soft-roader and are not ready for a crossover or SUV then there are several manufacturers in the market that can offer you ride of your choice.

At the affordable side of the market we have Subaru Outback and new Volkswagen Passat, but if you are willing to pay high then one can go for Volvo XC70 and Audi A4 Allroad.

Most of these vehicles belongs to mid-size or larger segment but things are changing for now. Subaru has also revealed its new XV and according to the reports from Australian ‘Drive’ Audi is also working on an Allroad version of its A3 Sportsback.

Audi A3 Allroad

The new range of A3s made their debut in Europe last year and is expected to arrive in US market later this year as A3 sedan and A3 Sportsback styling. The later could also arrive with the rumored Allroad version.

The new A3 Allroad will be probably offer raised suspension, standard Quattro and protective lining under the body similar to the existing Allroad Audi.

The new vehicle may also stand in the competition against the Audi Q3 crossover which has already been confirmed for the US.

For now Audi has not yet even confirmed the new A3 Allroad is under works so, it is possible that it may just be another rumor.

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