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Audi 7 to Retail by May in US, S7 Set to Follow Soon

The new 2012 Audi 7 will soon be making it America shores. In fact, it will be out by May itself. Priced at $59,250, this car will be available in somewhat limited quantities, so that you can enjoy the exclusivity of this car, as Audi is projecting demand to beat supply in the next term. In simple terms, what this means is, that if you have had your eye on this Audi or a connoisseur of all things exclusive, then make sure that you book this four door coupe ASAP. With interiors that are unique to Audi’s lineup in their driver-centric focus, luxury which matches that of the A8, and its four door coupe, nail-on-the-head profile, the A7 is a Grand Tourer model in every inch that it aims for.

The performance of this car however is yet to be seen, with just one model of the A7 currently available in America. This model is presently housed in New York City’s IAC building. This is one of the models which will be making it at to the soon to open 2011 New York Auto Show. This car is powered by a V-6 TFSI 3.0 liter supercharged engine which rates at 310 horsepower and a mileage of 18/28mpg for a combined 22mpg. What’s certain for now is the S7, which Audi has confirmed will be making it to the US markets. However they have not yet made the cost or the launch date made available. More information on both the Audi 7 and S7 will be available soon.

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