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Aston Martin looking for technical partner

The week Aston Marin turned 100, the news that it is seeking a technical partner emerged. While it has been years Aston Martin has been rumored to be talking with several firms about the technology sharing. Now one of its prime investor has confirmed the news.

Speaking with the Bloomberg, Chairman of Investindustrial, Andrea Bonomi said that the auto maker is in talks with a number of firms one of which is also the Mercedes’s parent company Daimler. Investindustrial brought about 37.5 percent of Aston Martin recently.

Bonomi said that an agreement can crop up in less than two months and their company is willing to put as much as 10 years to restructure Aston’s fortune.

Aston Martin looking for technical partner
Aston Martin itself also has decided to invest about half a billion pounds i.e. $800 million in the new product and technology development programs for the next five years. However, still Aston could be far behind its rivals like Bentley, Porsche and Ferrari in terms of engine and electrical technology.

All its rivals benefits to have backed from larger parent company while Aston Martin is still majorly independent. In another interview Dieter Zetsche, CEO Daimler said that their company is open about the idea to work with Aston Martin in the coming future.

At a time Daimler was working with Aston Martin to develop Maybach sedan, who itself was also looking forward to launch its own flagship sedan by the name Lagonda. The controversial Lagonada SUV Concept was revealed at 2009 Geneva Motor show had also inherited Mercedes GL platform.

Mercedes-Benz could be a prime runner in the technology sharing deal but it is just a matter of time before everything becomes clear.

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