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America now runs on diesel?

With the rising prices from the falling economy, the consumers in every aspect are trying to lower their budget and cut costs. The inflation creeping in along with the back to back recessions jolting the nations across the world, a lot of products comes under the scanner to test for cost effectiveness. The same goes for the car industry and its consumers. The car and its economic aspects are under scrutiny more than ever partially due to the economic pitfall and partially from the green revolution wave that has swept the world creating consciousness for a cleaner technology. Both these factors have contributed to consumers opting out from gas and switching to diesel. Gas had been the fuel that had been driving the American nation for generations. But people are now aware for the fuel inefficient flaw in gas, resulting in mass switch over from gas fuel to diesel. So naturally from the excerpt it can be deduced that the fuel efficiency in case of diesel is considerably higher.

There has been a sharp increase in the number of cars driven on diesel. There are many other options, more viable than diesel when one’s sole objective is fuel efficiency, the likes of hybrid cars or electric cars such as Chevrolet Volt or Hyundai Hexa Space. But with other costs to take into consideration and the availability of refilling/recharging stations have played a role in making diesel the most popular choice. With statistics from Environmental Protection Agency pointing out that diesel is 30-35 percent more proficient in fuel economy, it is quite evident diesel engines would be more favorable. The initial investment behind a diesel engine is higher than that of the gasoline engine, but the running costs compares to be far lower than the later. Other than the fuel economic reasons of going for diesel, the engines provide lot more torque and hence generate quite a lot of power.

Chevrolet Volt

They surveys hint that Americans have caught on with the idea and realized how commutating could come off a lot cheaper than earlier. The number of cars based on diesel engine has steadily risen from a mere 12 percent to a whopping 32 percent in the period of 5 years. Manufactures are finding it difficult to replace the gas models and provide their growing base of diesel engine manufactures. Since sales has been in staggering numbers when it came to the diesel cars. Compared to 2010, the sales increased by 27.4 percent in 2011. This has taken a toll on the hybrid cars whose sales have come down by 2.2 percent.

Up till now, most vehicles on American roads that house a diesel engine are either trucks or heavy duty vehicles or cars such as Volkswagen Jetta or the BMW 3 series. But research is being conducted to create smaller diesel engines to be able to make room for itself in compact cars to further increase diesels impact over the world car market, which would herald the end of the gas era.

BMW 3 series

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