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A new recipe for the Ram Trucks

So, we don’t know whether it is good news or a bad news. Ram trucks have recently announced that they will be starting the production of their mid weight pick up trucks with the initials of HEMI. By the way we don’t think that there is any point in cribbing out how these new vehicles will turn out. This division of Chrysler Group LLC established in 2009 has established themselves as one of the trustworthy mid weight pickup trucks manufacturing company. Infact on the brighter side of this JV, the company will provide even better vehicles than they used to, because of the new HEMI engines that are especially famous for their performance.

Fred Diaz, President and CEO, Ram Trucks said that, “we have got the formula right. Now what all we need is a great name which will enhance our name and promote our pride in ownership. We will be offering our customers a good and performance driven vehicle at a much lower and affordable price against it. See, we will be delivering more horsepower at base price when compared to our competitors. So, what we are offering are some additional befits on our entry level pickups.” These trucks were initially planned to be launched later this year but then as the company says that they received an overwhelming response for the same which might stretch its launch next year.

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