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A choice of performance packages offered to the buyers of Infiniti in Europe

The buyers of the Infiniti in Europe have the choice of placing order with certain models with the company’s all new six cylinder diesel engine. The luxury crossover FX is certainly one with which the new engine could be fitted. The shoppers who want to improve the performance with the fine tuning of the diesel-powered FX30d is possible with the AHG Sport from the performance division of the Infiniti Centre at Germany located at the Hamburg.

The FX30d’s V6 engine with the capacity of 3.0 liter and sports the oil burner to produce a horse power of 238 and a peak torque of 550Nm with 1750 rotations per minute. Albeit the technical specification of the AHG Sports is not revealed about the tuning of the engine, the power produce by the engine is likely to go up to 280 HP with 600 Nm as its peak torque. The value ad is priced tagged as 1250 Euros or 1790 in U.S. dollars.

The suspension is lowered with another value ad package for fine tuning with the price of 1495 Euros or 2130 U.S. dollars. A package of three-piece, alloy wheels of 21-inches as diameter shod with tires size 295/40 R21 at all the corners for performance from Schmidt Revolution for a price of 11,270 U.S. dollars or 7900 Euros.

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