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70 best looking or desirable super cars in the world – Part 7

Yes, it was a week plus long sabbatical before we could actually bring up the top ten cars in the 70 best looking super cars in the world. Well, it’s the last series and hence preparations have to be done accordingly. Some serious metal has been already shown in the before series and the ones following it at even more mature attempts. No wonder that it took us such a long time. Without further ado, here is the list of the top ten best looking or desirable super cars in the world.

Number 9 :

The 2009 Devon GTX model was something which no one though would make it to this list. However it not only made to this list but also is in the top ten. It was launched in Pebble Beach. Los Angeles based industrial design house, Devon Motorworks, which is headed by CEO and founder Scott Devon, its first product. A race inspired performance car, Devon, claims that this car with its naturally aspirated power train production system has got the best performance that can be achieved from a supercar. The GTX’s aircraft quality carbon fiber body sits atop large lattice structure center lock wheels. The interiors used to feature carbon fiber reinforced racing seats, dual grained leather surfacing throughout the cockpit and tasteful chrome appointments. The GTX is powered by a 650 Bhp 8.0 liter massive V10 engine and was aligned to a 6 speed manual transmission.

Number 8 :

The 2010 Aston Martin One-77 is on number 8 . If money itself has an erogenous lure, the One-77 is a car with a stratospheric supply of pheromones. The price has been set somewhere north of what’s always known in the red tops as a “cool million” – or to be more precise, call it at 2.3 million USD. And if that didn’t make an unattainable fantasy, the production limit of only 77 units across the world would definitely will. And mind you, its going to be crazy fast. 710 Bhp and specced with all sorts of delightful engineering boffinry and in the handcrafted sculpture of panel work, Aston’s strad styling sophistication has been turned upto atleast 11 or maybe 12.

Number 7 :

Jaguar XKSS from the 1957 batch is on number 7. This gorgeous car is touted as the world’s gorgeous car, having won the Le Mans three times in a row. To turn it into the XKSS, Jaguar added lovely chrome bumpers, windscreen, a leather cockpit and also a brolly for a hood. It was a joy to drive, looked good and would easily cross 200 mph. Way back in 1957, Jags, were considered as feline and elegant however this one was raw and very much horny. Unfortunately after they built 16 of this cars, a huge fire at the Jag factory snuffled out the life out of the XKSS. It lived fast and died young. Like Steve McQueen, a man who really knew his motors.

Number 6 :

The 1966 Ford GT/GT40 was the original Le Mans winning enduro legend and the Yank flavoured screw-you-Mr Ferrari after the old and put one over Henry Ford. The GT40 then re-emerged in 2003 as one of the Ford’s living legends. It had panel gaps you could have sailed a container vessel through and the door were also bloody stupid. But then retro rehashes go, better this than the Orion, will online casino you?

Number 5 :

The 1999 Pagani Zonda F had this ridiculously low, wide and little bubble of a cockpit perched right near the front. Its perfectly obvious that the driver is utterly subservient to the car. Specifically to the mountainous 600 Bhp Mercedes AMG 7.3 liter engine. Yet that seismic power is made useable by sublime handling. Modest self effacing Horacio Pagani’s supercar came out of nowhere at the end of the millennium and smacked the supercar world hard enough to warrant a number 5 spot in our rankings. Endless love was poured into each and

every aspect of the car and this shows.

Number 4 :

Ferrari Enzo from the 2002 batch. All razor sharp carbon fiber minimalism and honed to within an inch of its life in the wind tunnel for maximum aero dynamism, some of the wise guys think that the Enzo is more inclined towards the scientific things rather than really make a cut on the list of the 70 best supercars. But what must have gone through your mind the last time one of this specimens blasted its way past you on the expressway? That’s exactly what we thought.

Number 3 :

The Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione. The first job is to get past the howling cynicism of this name. It never raced. Infact, on-track handling is one of the weakest points. However, here, we aren’t talking about handling as the key factor and it’s the looks that matter. Italian multi syllable words do sound good to the ears plus the Maserati derived V8 engine.

Number 2 :

The 1954 Mercedes Benz 300 SL Gull-Wing was a piece of rolling sculpture but with gull wing doors. It was derived from the 1952 Le Mans winner and was lapped up by the Hollywood’s elite club, which went gaga over it. More than 56 years later, the 300n SL is still more better than Megan Fox’s hotpants.

Number 1 :

The 1974 Lamborghini Countach LP400 is one of the few cars which invented the genre of 12 cylinder engines when the Miura was bolted on with a mid of the line engine. It was wrapped in a body which had more curves than even Sophia Loren. However the 1971 Countach was what hit the bulls eye. If you were 5ft 10 inches tall, then forget owning or sitting in one since the car never could accommodate one with that frame. However it tops our list for the sheer desirability quotient.

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