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70 best looking or desirable super cars in the world – Part 2

The last time, we had piled on a list of the top ten super cars in the world, which again is a part of the 70 best looking or desirable super cars list that we are piling up. C4120-783 exam This time around, we have got 10 more for you. Starting with the three pointed star that is.

59 : Mercedes Benz’s legal road racer, the Mercedes CLK GTR from as late as 1997 is as close as most of us would ever get to popping to Tesco in a Le Mans car. That’s the most of us who have many spare millions of cash to spend on a car which has no boot. Terrible ain’t it?

58 : The 2012 GTA Spano boasts of an 8.3 liter V10 engine which produces 820 Bhp and 960 Nm of torque making this car qualify for the elite supercar league. The design theme would lead you to believe that this is an Italian car however it ain’t Italian. It’s a Spaniard who has actually got this car street ready and the name of the Spanish company is GTA. Needless to say, its their first attempt in cracking the supercar business and they have actually performed quite well.

57 : The 2009 Morgan Aeromax wouldn’t lead one to believe that it’s a supercar but then don’t be fooled

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design. It was commissioned by Prince Eric Sturdza, a former professional tennis player, Swiss banker and also a Morgan fan. The Aeromax may seem like a mixture of atleast 10 cars but the end result is a pleasing design.

56 : The 2009 Corvette ZR1 may be one of the sharpest design of the Corvette series and this powered up evolution of the Z06 provides a better bang for the buck ratio than what the other supercars can promise. Racing at Le Mans has obviously taught Corvette more than one thing and the end result is something which we get to enjoy.

55 : The 2010 Hennessey Venom would be 21st century’s AC Cobra, a svelte and quintessentially a British sportscar that’s been shamelessly shoehorned with a big American V8. Excellent and we would like more of that.

54 : The 1991 Audi Avus would show some linearity with the design of the Lamborghini Countach, since they both are from the same parent company Volkswagen. The 1991 Tokyo Motor Show displayed Audi’s love interest in aluminium and the Avus used a 509 Bhp W12 engine which was made of, believe it or not, woo and plastic. No wonder, ladies used to fret at the sight of one.

53 : Dodge Viper from the 1992 batch was the extreme right end of the spectrum. Its V10 bomb of a powertrain was taken from a truck making the Viper look like a silicone enlargened fish with priapic pills. As raw and uncultured as a Texan roadhouse and none the worse for it.

52 : The 2010 Porsche 911 GT2 RS is the pinnacle of the 911 era from Porsche. It was a car which was so focused and so fast that it was unlikely that any car would replace it in the performance stakes. Looking at the Porsche 911 GT2 makes one realize that this car is very intimidating, even before driving it.

51 : The 2009 Lamborghini Reventon Spyder with its multi million quid body kit is the ultimate styling indulgence one can ever find. A chopped off roof allowed Lamborghini to charge its customers a bomb. But its ultra looking cannot be denied.

50 : Honda NSX from the early 90s is the first and last car from Honda wherein they have attempted for super car status. However this Honda was far from being a first time attempt. Infact it was a brilliant piece of work. It has genuine everyday drivability which super cars lack plus superb handling. Moreover Ayrton Senna was the one who fine honed it. However this would be the car that even your grandfather would be driving.

This part of the series stops here and the continuation of the same would happen in the next edition of writing piece.


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