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2015 Ford Mustang rendered again

It’s a long way down to 2015, when the next-gen Ford Mustang is scheduled to be launched. But that will not stop the motoring enthusiasts to come up with speculative renderings and spy images. Based on the information available about the next-gen Mustang, and the upcoming products in the Ford lineup, InsideLine has managed to speculatively pen the upcoming Ford muscle car.

Marking 50 years into the launch of the first iconic muscle car, Ford will introduce a completely new face of the 2015 Ford Mustang. The rendering gives great deal of detail that just builds the excitement of the pony lovers.

While the first images of the Evos concept claiming that the design cues my trickle down to the next-gen Mustang was rather disappointing, the new rendering gives hope for to the Mustang maniacs. Translating from the rendering, the 2015 Mustang gets a huge overdose of cosmetic uplift, blending design and styling of the Evos Concept and 2013 Ford Fusion. Contrary to the previous speculations, that the next-gen Mustang will dump the muscular appeal for a more futuristic design, the renderings suggest that the new pony is just curvier and more aggressive. In addition, the car undergoes heavy diet losing weight; utilize a more responsive straight-axle rear end unlike the current model.

2015 Ford Mustang rendered again

The American motoring giant has been under a lot of stress on whether it should hold on the classic stable of Mustangs or go for a futuristic appeal for the next evolution of the American sportscar. Although most brands are migrating towards an ultramodern design for their upcoming cars, Mustang’s classic muscular appeal has been a reason for its fame globally.

Mustang’s conventionally classic design is the selling point for the car in the local market, but there is an air globally for a more modern appeal. This has put a major challenge in face of the American carmaker to pen a design that holds on to the Mustang heritage while offering a new product to the new generation. While Ford can gamble with the classic look anyday, the American automaker has announced its plan to sell the Mustang in global markets, and this would require a more precise sketch work.

As of now, its too early to speak on the power plant unit, as 2015 has a very long way to go. With advancement in technology and a string of hybrids coming all so frequently, we cannot say what the next-gen Mustang will sport. What we can say, is that it will be powerful as ever and boast the traditional Mustang thrill. There have been reports of the 2015 model to share the platform with the current runner.

Ford created a powerpacked capsule with the 1.0-litre turbocharged EcoBoost engine that sports in the EcoSport. With the groundbreaking performance and stunning fuel efficiency, it is possible that Ford offers an upscale version of the turbocharged engine in the Ford Mustang. There is also the possibility of the 5.0-litre V8 that powers the current Mustang will continue thrilling the track enthusiasts. Whereas, a V6 and inline four might do duty for the urban version of the vehicle.

A bunch of renderings and spy images won’t quench our thirst to see the next-gen Mustang in flesh. We will have to wait for the 2014 New York Auto Show to see what’s up Ford’s sleeves.

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