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2014 Nissan 370Z Nismo revealed before Geneva Motor Show

Japanese auto maker Nissan had said that the new Nissan 370Z will be making its debut at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show which is scheduled to take place next month. But the car has already been revealed by the company ahead of the said event. The new 370z will be available in the four color options – Magnetic Black, Perl White, Solid Red and Gun Metallic. It will go on sale this summer.

With the added dramatic styling with Red Nismo design, the car will also show increased power and improved aerodynamics. The new vehicle will only be available as the coupe and will be featuring extensive styling and engineering enhancements. A version of the 370z Nismo is already on sales in the North American and Japanese markets, but the European version will be featuring unique specifications to suit both road conditions and needs of the driving enthusiasts.

2014 Nissan 370Z Nismo Revealed
Similar to the Juke Nismo, the changes over the Nissan 370z has been extensively considered based on the motorsport experience of Nismo. The design improvement can be attributed to the aerodynamic improvement. The front end now offers more aggressive look that has also helped to improve air flow under the car. This allows for enhanced stability while turning and at high speeds. The additional down force has been compensated by the extensively redesigned suspension and the chassis layout, which further contributes towards stability and handling both on the road and on the track.

Other design tweaks includes the Nismo red pinstripe that can be seen at the front and rear and even on the mirrors. The vehicle also features the unique superlight 19” alloys with the sporty red brake calipers along with the wider high performance tires. The rear has received a new spoiler that also contributes in improving the aerodynamic performance.

At inside the performance oriented design in now more focused on the driver. The steering wheel has been blessed with alcantara and leather with the top dead centre marker inspired from race, just like the Juke Nismo. The sports seats are fully electronic with the Nismo Badge and red stitches. The finishing touch can be considered as the numbered Nismo plate that adds exclusivity to each Nismo out there.

2014 Nissan 370Z Nismo

Attributing to the Nismo’s tuning the 370z’s 3.7 litre V6 engine now delivers about 339 bhp elevated from 324 bhp while the peak torque has been increased from 363 Nm to 371 Nm. The tweak has resulted in the enhanced response in across the low and mid rev range. The vehicle can turn 0-100 kmph in just 5.2 seconds, about a-tenth faster than the Nissan 370z.

Already appraised for its handling and dynamics characteristics, the rear wheel drive 370z now delivers even more exciting experience with the Nismo. Drivers can now experience thrilling acceleration and improved stability at the higher speeds.

Improving the brake feels has also been the best part of the Z’s development. So Nismo engineers used high performance brake shoes and brake fluid directly from the R35 GT-R. The unique dual exhaust system from the Nismo enhances and amplifies the thrilling sound of its 3.7 litre V6 engine.

2014 Nissan 370Z Nismo Revealed Back View

Nissan will be revealing more details at the Geneva Motor Show that will be starting on 5th of March.

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