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2013 Volkswagen CC – Car Review

By redesigning its exteriors and offering certain latest features to its Passat saloon, Volkswagen has readied itself to start 2012 in a stylish manner. The 2013 Volkswagen CC looks completely customized for the up-market customers. It has increased its dimensions from its erstwhile model and looks immensely capable of comfortably accommodating five passengers. Significant changes have been offered to the interiors, headlights and body work. It has used the latest technological features as well, including the system for driver assistance. The 2013 Volkswagen CC has all the potential to become the preferred car of many this New Year.

2013 Volkswagen CC

The 2013 Volkswagen CC comes with a promise of improving on the huge success that was achieved by the Passat CC, when launched four years back. It will be unchallenged in the price bracket of $30,000 to $40,000 amongst four door coupes. People, who prefer stylish driving but also have the requirement of additional space inside, are definitely going to love this car. It has increased its seating capacity to accommodate 5 passengers and has been provided with the latest automobile technologies for ensuring passenger safety as well as minimizing accidents. The features included are Side Assist, Lane Assist, along with Dynamic Light Assist. A latest system for detecting traffic signs has also been included. Climate seats having function of integrated message have been provided maximum comfort while making long trips.

Exquisite Looks:

The car has been specifically designed for those who love stylish driving. Volkswagen has redesigned several features of the earlier car. The factor that noticeably distinguishes the 2013 CC from its erstwhile version is the remodeling of its front as well as rear sections that have increased its elegance, muscularity and sportiness.

2013 Volkswagen CC

The “Design DNA” styling of Volkswagen has been responsible for these design changes on the new car that provides a greater emphasis upon horizontal lines and also creates a harmony between its radiator grille and headlights.

The car has been given increased its visibility by incorporating these latest design elements. A synergistic effect has been created between its body color, LED headlights, tail, frameless doors and the alloy wheels made of aluminum.

The main bodywork of the 2013 Volkswagen CC remains similar to the previous version. However, its latest headlights as well as its rear and front styling are reminiscent of other cars belonging to Volkswagen family. Changes in features at the front include chrome grille, new headlamps and bumper along with daytime LED running lights.


The 2013 Volkswagen CC has been made more luxurious and spacious inside. With the addition of a three-seater rear bench, the car now can comfortably seat five passengers. The design of the seats has specifically addressed long trip requirements with a massage function being integrated. Additional option of having brown interiors have been offered which includes the dashboard as well. This has fine-tuned the interiors to match its leather seats along with its redesigned wood accents.

2013 Volkswagen CC interior

The Power factor:

On the basis of details that Volkswagen has provided, the 2013 Volkswagen CC gets its power from a direct-injected and turbo-charged 2.0L 4-cylinder engine, which will have the capacity to generate 200Hp. There will be another variant having a V6 3.6L engine with a peak capacity of 280Hp. The base model is being fitted with the latest XDS cross-differential system. The system electronically monitors inputs provided by multiple wheel sensors for transferring extra torque to its front wheels. Six-speed auto transmission system having Tiptronic shifting has been mated to the V6 engine.

2013 Volkswagen CC

Information on its accelerating and its top speed has not yet been revealed.

The company has not yet provided any information about the proposed price of the 2013 Volkswagen CC, but the car is going to be launched in the German market in February 2013 following which, it will move to the other markets around the world.

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