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2013 Formula 1 race to be held in New Jersey

The second Formula One race is to be held in New Jersey, however, the timing for it would be around the year 2013. It may be noted that New Jersey was very keen on having their own F1 guests for a long time. Not only this, Bernie Ecclestone, the F1 boss said that even he wanted New Jersey to be on of the venues for the F1 race.

The race track would be built in Weehawken, around the Hudson river with the backdrop of the Manhattan skyscrapers. June 2013 is the tentative date for the commencement of the F1 race there. Bernie is taking a big gamble by introducing the F1 craze in a country which is not particularly known to like this sport. However, the entire F1 team is desperate enough to have a go at American soil.

2013 Formula 1 race to be held in New Jersey

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