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2013 Ferrari F12 berlinetta: First Drive

World’s one of the most appealing automobile brand, Ferrari, seems to be looking forward to make another bang in the market. The world’s most powerful road-going Ferrari is now all set to take the thrilling experience while driving to the next level with the 2013 Ferrari F12 berlinetta after a dormancy of about two decades.

The 2-seater has a roaring V12 engine that churns out a power of 730hp is styled with leather, aluminum and carbon fiber-line cabin. Once the idle engine comes into life, it hardly takes 3.1 seconds for it to take the virtual needle of the speedometer to the 62mph mark, while its tachometer heads towards the 8500rpm redline at the same time. Taking a look into the internal combustion chamber, the roaring V12 engine has a capacious compression ratio of 13.5:1 and a specific output of 115.8hp/L. Moreover, the engine is coupled with a dual-clutch 7-speed rear transaxle and has an E-diff that powers the rear wheels. If you go for a drive on the Ferrari F12 berlinetta and end up flooring it, you’d find that the TFT speedometer has its virtual needle at 211mph mark.

2013 Ferrari F12 berlinetta First Drive

The retardation procedure of the car is equally interesting. The 3362-lb coupe starts slowing down because of the carbon-ceramic stoppers as the lifting off the accelerator pre-charges the hydraulic brake system. On the other hand, the stability of the coupe has been designed very precisely because of its shorter wheelbase and lower centre of gravity. Moreover, the 46/54 front-to-rear weight distribution keeps the F12 stable in corners.

Later this year, the 2013 Ferrari F12 berlinetta is certainly being expected to top the 5-car line up that the automaker has since Chairman Luca di Montezemolo’s 21-year old reign. The line up’s major change can be seen once the 850hp hybrid-engined Enzo hits the stores in 2013.

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