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2013 Encore unveiled partly – Complete Unveiling to be at Detroit

Buick had announced a few weeks back that it was about to come out with its latest small crossover at the auto show in Detroit. The company also released the image of the headlight of this 2013 Encore. Following this announcement, Buick has been engaged in a teaser-image game and has been revealing section wise photographs of the car on Facebook. Very recently, however, the auto maker has finally come out with enough evidence about the car. The company has released three unimaginatively designed puzzle pieces that fully reveals what the car looks like.

2013 Encore unveiled partly – Complete Unveiling to be at Detroit

2013 Buick Encore 2013 Buick Encore 2013 Buick Encore

The twin-row Encore is going to be significantly smaller than the three-row Buick Enclave and hence the car looks similar to a squeezed version of this larger and more elegant car. The 2013  Encore is going to be even smaller than the GMC Terrain twin cars as well as the Chevrolet Equinox from General Motors. The smallest offering from Buick will be sharing a common platform with the Chevrolet Sonic. The car is expected to be completely unveiled at the motor show in Detroit starting next week. The complete specification of this smallest crossover utility vehicle from Buick is going to be provided to the readers then.

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