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2011 Toyota Tundra Pickup owes a recall alert to its owners

The manufactures of 2011 Toyota Tundra pickup works on a safety recall procedure voluntarily to specific clients with the production lot number of drive shaft on the rear side of the car.

The issue as we hear is a slip yoke that has manufacturing defect in its casting process. As of now, the failure is counted as one in a vehicle that is customer owned. No other incidents are on the records yet even at other vehicles that include both Lexus and Toyota. So it could be described as a no impact recall till date.

Toyota comes up with the statistics that a rough range of 51000 cars which are all Tundra Pickups are to be recalled and it is quoted that five in one hundredth of percent is expected to be defective which is worth considering with a replacement.

The owners of the 2011 Tundra pickup who are vulnerable to be affected by the defective part will be receiving notifications this May for an inspection at the nearest Toyota Dealer which would last only 10 minutes. If the Tundra is to have a defective yoke then the service time will be worked out by the dealer based on his demand.

The Tundra owners could contact the customer service desk or visit the official site of Toyota for further information.

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