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Volvo V60 Cross Country Spotted Testing In Spain

Latest News, Volvo
Article by Hamza Ansari
Volvo V60 Cross Country couldn’t have snapped in the dreams of American auto journalists. But Volvo designers of Europe have created a sample, which they were testing undisguised in Spain. As sitting taller than the standard V60, Cross Country will be positioned above than V40 Cross Country, which is the only product of that category. In fact, plastic molding around wheel arches and skid plates for front and rear to pose as wise add-ons of the project. The vehicle seemed production ready and may hit the sales floor soon. There isn’t a chance of it rolling down to US because of XC70 having strong existence in that band. The V60 Cross Country prototype sports the badge replicating standard all-wheel drive, with T5 variant of engine line-up gulped down by a 2.0L gasoline motor delivering 254hp at a tap. It’s believable the front-wheel drive option may also be there with other engine option. Apparently, some official unveiling could be on cards for Paris Motor Show 2014. Image Courtesy: AutoBlog.nl

Brand New LaFerrari On Sale In Dubai For $3.4 Million

Ferrari, Latest News
Article by Hamza Ansari
Someone uttered LaFerrari will be limited to 499 examples only! But when you are in Dubai and are willing to spend more than actual price tag, can have anything wished from the automotive world. A dealer from UAE posted the black Enzo successor for sale over a price of AED 12,500,000 – equivalent to $3.4 million, which is almost double the $1.69 million official tag. The vehicle is sparklingly new and isn’t driven at all. The owner wanted to sell in that unused condition. Alongside somewhere in the vicinity, someone is also reported selling the Ferrari FXX for AED 9,300,000 (approx $2.53 million), barley driven and in pristine condition. To brief about FXX, only 30 units are made worldwide posing it ultimately assorted and exclusive.

KIA K3 Smart Watch Is Simple And Realistic

Kia, Latest News
Article by Hamza Ansari
In the era of shrinking PCs and laptops where they are compressed to size of a table PC or a smart phone, and the conventional phones to size of smart watch. KIA raised its head with a simple yet realistic gadget, which in fact is unlike the Apple and Samsung’s smart offering, but still adorable. Introduced in South Korea for K3 (also known as Kia Forte), the new watch by this carmaker is simple but functional to the caliber of a smart phone. Only 1500 examples said to be made, and will be given away to the early buyers. Components like rubber strap, stainless steel bezel, and movement from Swiss Ronda doesn’t make it that smart as the other watches available. But it will act as the car’s key for its owners. Watch is programmed so smartly, when it’s taken near to the car it unlocks the doors without needed of neither any operation nor even the click of a button. And if moved away by certain proximity it locks the door itself. Trunk can also be opened and closed using this. When sat inside the cabin, it acts as a proximity key for the push-start button. Price is not yet known, and not many details are reveled about entering further markets. Hence, must say, Koreans are lucky [...]

Blast from the past

Mercedes-Benz G65 AMG Arriving In US For 2016 Model Year

The Germans didn’t justified G-Class with US, as the rest of world had enjoyed it to core, US is entitled to get the hands on the most beasty four-wheeled ‘G’ by 2016. Here, it was been talked about the G65 which the Mercedes-Benz has gifted it [...]

Aston Martin hires Nissan chief as their new CEO.

Andy Palmer, who was also serving the Nissan luxury arm, Infiniti, is now aboard the Aston Martin as CEO. Palmer was on the target of British automaker since its former boss Ulrich Bez stepped down from the position. However, Philippe Klein, Renault’s [...]

Special Ferrari Model Announced For 60th Anniversary In USA

Ferrari, Latest News
Article by Hamza Ansari
Ferrari’s 60th anniversary of selling car in US is going to be special this year. As carmaker is planning to roll-out a special edition for the country, model was announced by the ex-Ferrari chief Luca De Motezmolo before stepping down from the authority. The assorted model will be based on F12 Berlinetta, which will feature extreme styling, and would be priced more than $ 3 million. Interiors will be redesigned and outer crust may have a convertible type structure. Ferrari commenced its operation in United States by 1954 in alliance with Luigi Chinetti. He was the man behind North American Racing Team (NART). The Team has successfully driven some fastest Ferraris in the eras of 60s and 80s around the globe. In fact, the Italian carmaker will paint the NART livery of blue and white stripes on these 10 anniversary limited models. The USA has also remained one of the largest markets of Ferraris with approximately shooting up sales by 13 per cent in the past six months.
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