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Audi A8 5.5 Limited Edition With Built-In Rice Cooker Launched In Japan

Audi, Latest News
Article by admin
It’s seriously insane! Audi Japan has rolled out the flagship A8 in that country with a ‘built-in rice cooker’. Couldn’t figure out the reason why this cooking equipment in the central console of rear seat is planted for a limited edition A8. As going by the words of company, it can cook perfect rice due to the heat convection fitted inside the Japanese pot called Hagama. Audi had termed it as A8 5.5. Technically speaking, there isn’t a 5.5-litre V8 or something like that in the engine bay. Instead, the 5 (five) is referred as ‘Go’ in Japanese and 0.5 (half) as Han, which together pronounce ‘gohan’ – means ‘Rice’.   However, the prices of the rice-cooking A8 5.5 aren’t announced officially, but this flagship is restricted only to Japan for a limited period. Taking the advantage of a luxurious carmaker, engineers too have offered options on the menu-panel of touchscreen for a variety of rice cooking option. Apparently, confused what to call this A8 and how to segment such a luxurious car with a built-in rice cooker; in fact, no suitable thought justifies it. Drooling over, why an owner of A8 does needs to cook his own rice in the car, where he can eat [...]

Mercedes-Benz GLE Receives Mirror-Mounted LED Projectors Showing Company Logo

Latest News, Mercedes
Article by Hamza Ansari
Unimaginable, sometimes the carmaker comes out with something that remains unimagined, or probably better suited in the concept cars. Since the demand for those “wow” features took up the pace, and instead of losing this battle to aftermarket doers, official carmakers themselves started providing such stuffs as standard fitment on the cars, or either charge them for extra price which fanatic buyers don’t mind. Banging on this marketing trick, Mercedes-Benz rolled out its GLE with LED projector on the outside mirrors that project company’s logo. Though, there isn’t any utility in it, but as far as it is creating a catchy statement no harm paying additional cash. Sadly, the Benz itself isn’t a first one to do so; BMW had planted a similar feature on 2-Series Convertible earlier on its doors way back. With the GLE and GLE Coupe, the projectors are placed in the closure of puddle lamps, where it is quite large in size and emits a type of bat-signal vibe. This special feature is available for the buyers who opt for the optional mirror package, which also includes auto-folding outside mirrors and auto-dimming rear-view mirror. However, one’s not needed to get enticed extensively; [...]

McLaren 570S Unveiled At New York Auto Show

Latest News
Article by Hamza Ansari
The feat of going more economical in terms of both fuel-economy as well as pricing is proving lucrative grounds for the carmakers to sell their cars like hot cakes. McLaren with the Sports Series in the spree to shape up its lineup, and no doubt a one model like Audi R8 or Porsche 911 would become a reality. That’s it, they have hit the nail right on its head, unveiled the 570S officially at New York Auto Show 2015. The car itself is quite small in size, but in the engine it bay holds that same 3.8-liter V8 engine in the tune of 570PS of max power and 600NM of peak torque. The 0-62mph (0-100km/h) attained in the fraction of 3.2 seconds along with the top-speed rated at 204mph (328km/h). In between, the British automaker has said 570S can race up to 124mph (200km/h) from none in a spell of 9.5 seconds. The entire traction is sent to rear wheels via a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. Undoubted, the car is likely to screw up the entire baggage of fanatics in the range of its likeminded, because this British company holds special position on the racetrack and does possess prior experiences of selling bigger machines (including hypercars) that were almost successful. About the drive [...]

Blast from the past

Next-Gen Jaguar XF Teased Ahead Of New York Auto Show

Those scared of cats shall better stay at home on the eve of New York Auto Show. The mid-size cat of the Jaguar family called XF from Britain will walk the streets of Big Apple in all its pride of a new avatar for the next-generation. However, before [...]

Koenigsegg To Open Four New Dealerships In North America This Year

Though you have the fastest machines on the earth, but a right dealership will only get it to the buyers, and would allow the profits to flow. This case fits perfectly for Koenigsegg, who had remained in the brouhaha, but lacks behind in the number of [...]

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Mercedes-Benz Pickup Truck Officially Confirmed For 2020

Latest News, Mercedes
Article by Hamza Ansari
Dropped straight from the luxury to a utility, it wasn’t obvious for the Mercedes-Benz to do so. Since the market is on the verge of tilting towards a new edge, it may sound feasible, but quite interesting at the same time how it will do so. Reportedly, this German carmaker has officially spilled the beans of bringing a pickup truck by 2020 to the market. No one knows how it could look, but certain speculations go with the tendency of blending luxury with utility for setting the flavor. Hence, if one would remember, the company had also revealed G63 AMG 6×6 pickup truck, based on the similar ideology this further model could also see the establishment. Some even suggested Benz pickup could trail a one from the mid-size segment. And the Benz will be able to state itself as the first automaker from the league of carmakers to do so. Shedding more light on the markets where it will see the daylight, it turned out as Latin America, South Africa, Australia, and Europe, but the company didn’t mentioned North America in the list for an unknown reason. The above mentioned data rectifies Vans section of Mercedes-Benz to take up the responsibility. Commenting about the same, Volker Mornhinweg, [...]
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