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Top 10 Best Selling Cars: March 2014

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Article by admin
If you are about to purchase a new car, being up to speed on sales performance of different vehicles in the market can provide you with helpful insight. If a vehicle is a hot seller, a dealer might be less inclined to negotiate on price. Alternatively, that model gathering dust in the back of the lot may represent a golden opportunity for those seeking the sweetest bargains. With this is mind, here are last month’s 10 best-selling vehicles. Included is every model’s monthly sales total! Remember that the sales figures are more granular than those reported elsewhere. Rather than lumping all Ford F-Series sales into a single number, for example, we report separate numbers for F-150, F-250, F-350 and F-450. The final month of winter continued to be a challenging one for many automobile manufacturers. Poor weather through large swaths of the country dampened sales in many regions buried under ice and snow. March capped off a weak sales quarter, which saw inventories swell and incentive spending boosted to lure customers into showrooms. The past month proved that signs of spring are finally upon us, and for some companies the thaw came early to dealers across the United States, especially [...]

2014 Dodge SRT Viper Review: This Is It

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Article by admin
Advantages Still a raw sportscar at its core; excellent electronics interface and touchscreen display; outlandish cornering grip; massive power from normally aspirated V10 powerplant. Disadvantages Hot exhaust pipe underneath door sill; firm seats can limit long distance comfort; overall poor visibility; suspension tuning is too stiff for many road surfaces; lacks automated manual transmission. Introduction My boyhood shelves were packed with all sorts of toys, but my favorites were miniature diecast cars. Even though I would spend hours building challenging gravity tracks for the sleekest and smallest of the bunch, my prized vehicles were not scaled-down production models. Instead I preferred to daydream about the fascinating showcars and fictious models with their oversized engines, giant wheels and radical styling. They were the standouts that didn’t need to roll down a plastic road, as they could shoot across the carpet, launch over a book and drive up the wall with impunity. Understandably, then, I was recently compelled to shake off a flood of youthful memories when a 2014 Dodge SRT Viper was dropped off in my driveway, complete with massive tires and the largest engine in [...]

2015 Volkswagen Jetta Review: Handsome Sedan At An Attractive Price Point

Car Reviews, Volkswagen
Article by admin
On top of being Volkswagen of America’s number one-selling vehicle for years, the Jetta is one of the most successful sedans of the world with more than 14 million units sold since 1979. In 2013, the automaker delivered 925,000 units worldwide, making the Jetta the top-selling car for both the brand and of the entire Volkswagen Group. Now, at this year’s New York International Motor Show, the automaker is presenting the world premiere of the redesigned 2015 Volkswagen Jetta sedan. Besides new styling touches at the rear and front, the 2015 Volkswagen Jetta has notable changes throughout. Overall efficiency has been enhanced by reducing air drag and using new tires, which help enhance rolling resistance. New driver assistance systems are available, such as frontal collision warning, rear cross-traffic alert and Blind Spot Detection. Inside, it sees an updated interior with an enriched assortment of available equipment and new materials. The Jetta continues to provide three 4-cylinder gasoline powerplants (1.8T and 2.0T TSI Gen 3 turbocharged EA888 and 2.0-liter naturally aspirated engines), a new EA288 2.0-liter turbocharged EA288 TDI Clean Diesel and a 1.4-liter turbocharged full [...]

Blast from the past

2014 Honda CR-V Review

Is it cool? No! Is it real and authentic? Absolutely! The 240 Wagon of our times Advantages Strong crash test scores; plenty of standard tech features; user friendly controls; good fuel economy; abundant cargo and passenger room. Disadvantages Transmission [...]

2014 Chevrolet Cruze Review – An Enticing Option For Shoppers

Advantages Big trunk; secure handling; useful electronics interface; two satisfying high efficiency engine choices; handsome interior design. Disadvantages Sleepy responses of six-speed automatic; mediocre seating comfort. Introduction Now with fuel prices [...]

Tequila Patron Sports Car Showcase at Long Beach Race Report

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Article by admin
The Honda powered HPD ARX-03b of Scott Sharp and Ryan Dalziel challenged for a podium finish in Saturday’s Tequila Patron Sports Car Showcase at Long Beach; however the lack of single full course caution during the 2nd half of 100-minute timed event spoiled the strategy for Extreme Speed Motorsports effort, forcing Ryan to slow drastically during final laps and dropping him to an unrepresentative 6th place finish. The 3rd round of 2014 TUDOR United SportsCar Championship and first temporary street circuit of 2014 saw Sharp/Dalziel HPD along with teammates Johannes van Overbreek and Ed Brown in a 2nd HPD machine – seeking a 2nd consecutive Long Beach victory, and 5th overall win in the last 6 years of sportscar competition for Honda. The HPD-developed Honda powerplants used in TUDOR championship are derived from Honda J35 series of production V6 engines and feature relevant twin-turbocharger technology, along with the efficiency offered by direct fuel injection. Key production-based components, which are used include fasteners, alternator, drive-by-wire throttle, valve train components, direct injection fuel system, crankshaft and block and heads. Starting 8th after a transmission [...]
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