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Aston Martin Granted Safety Exemption By NHTSA: DB9 & Vantage Can Continue To Be Sold In USA

Latest News
Article by Hamza Ansari
No automaker shall be as lucky as Aston Martin in US. As per the source, the British automaker is granted permission to sell its DB9 and Vantage despite failing the NHTSA’s (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) new regulations of side-impact crash. This excitement for Aston is not going to hold for longer. The authority has extended its privilege till August 2016 for DB9 and August 2017 for Vantage. The side impact regulations was meant to pin down the sales of Vantage and DB9 convertibles till September 2015, but the official at NHTSA had changed their minds and now allotted them extension till August 2017. Over a statement stretched by the aforesaid US’ authority, it claimed, the reason for granting such a special treatment to Aston Martin is due to the substantial hardships of economic terms that will be faced by company who is already a low-volume car manufacturer and has shown good efforts to comply with the standard in the test. Well, this must sound true; otherwise the operations of Aston Martin in US will be surely hit low sales for the year, and a nosedive sales graph following the near future.

Audi TT Covered In 27,000 Pieces Of Chocolate In Belgium

Audi, Latest News
Article by Hamza Ansari
Belgium, the heaven of chocolate lovers, is now cited to have taken its assortment to an all new level. As reported, Audi has created a TT coupe masterpiece by covering it in 27,000 pieces of chocolate in-association with confectioner Joost Arijs. The car was on display at biennale Interieur Kortrijk 2014 over the last weekend, which is an interior designing fair and not an automotive show. It seemed Audi wishes to take its automotive perception far more than anyone could have ever thought of. But the motive was clear of portraying the Four-Ringed brand as a lifestyle product and customizable statement, which other brands don’t opt to say so loudly. Alongside, Audi Belgium too created a special Facebook page that allowed visitors to click a picture with that mouth-watering Audi and upload it. If still don’t believe us, watch the video below to know more details, and do let us know in our comments section whether your mouth watered seeing to the clip or not.

Citroen AirCross Lunar concept Unveiled In Brazil

Latest News
Article by Hamza Ansari
Cactus’ association with aircraft industry is inseparable, not in terms of handshakes and takeovers instead the way it plants switches inside the car (for e.g. DS5). So, obviously one more product depicting similar trend in the line, only in model plate and no elsewhere, is its ‘AirCross’ Lunar concept that debuted at Sao Paulo Motor Show 2014 in Brazil. Not many things to say about this concept, as can be seen wearing rugged exteriors with plastic cladding, side air-bumps, mini alloy wheels, off-road tires and light blue accents. The unplugged spare wheel at rear makes way for a heavy chunk of weight. Dark tinted windows and white paint shade (with those minty blue accents) are making a youth appeal. It isn’t confirmed whether this concept will go into production; if answer will be positive then Fiat Aventura, Cross Polo, Etios Cross and their likes will soon see a tough rival from this French automaker.

Blast from the past

Land Rover Evoque Diesel Coming To US

The posh in America are seemed to be on the saving spree; as earlier reported the Porsche is looking for Diesel Macan to be launched by the next year, now Land Rover have expressed they too want to have their fair pie of share from the same segment by [...]

Porsche Macan Diesel Coming To US

Though American aren’t bound to have a diesel in the garage, but still the rising cost of gasoline and the certainly a few benefits of diesel over the petrol had taken Americans to look into this category as well. And the Porsche Macan that sold well [...]

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2015 Fifth-Gen Opel Corsa Garners 30,000 Bookings In Europe

Latest News
Article by Hamza Ansari
Swooped within seconds, that’s what Opel dealers across Europe are found saying nowadays. Since the debut of fifth-generation Corsa happened at Paris Motor Show earlier this month, the car didn’t reached dealerships, booking register ringed up 30,000 sales throughout the Europe. Corsa turned 32 this year and company has sold more than 124million examples of it till date. It isn’t only well received in Germany, but buyers from France and Great Britain had also shown great interests. Opel sold 3 million units of the model plate between 2006 and 2014 representing the fourth-generation. A major highlight of the said model plate is its new 1.0-litre, three-cylinder ECOTEC gasoline engine which sends power of 90 PS or 115 PS both achieving 170Nm of torque @ 1,800rpm from direct turbo injection. Deliveries are stated to happen by end of this year, where some of them would also receive in January 2015.
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