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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Facelift Limo With Six-Doors By Binz Unveiled

Latest News, Mercedes
Article by Hamza Ansari
There is still some time for the Mercedes-Benz to come over this, but German based coachbuilder called “Binz” has done itself! Reportedly, Binz launched limo version of E-Class facelift which is been stretched by addition of two windows at the rear. Looking inside the cabin, it can made out seat given are six in numbers, which can also be delivered in the option of eight-seats for an extra amount of money. Over the stock German fabricated sheet of metal with E-Class badge, Binz has added more 1110mm to 5979mm over the wheelbase varied upon the seating option selected in the middle. Hence, this isn’t the first time the coachbuilder has added such an enticing option to the line-up. Earlier in 2012, they did the same thing with E-Class (W212) as added two rear doors for similar transformation. This new version is now offered in the trims of E220, E250 CDI, E350 4MATIC and E500 with only six-door options at the bay. Comparatively to the standard E-Class, limo tips the scale by not more than 250 kg – sounding impeccable – all thanks to fiber-reinforced composite being used. Hence, there aren’t any specific price tag laid out, but for surely the affair with the stretched E will [...]

Kahn Design And Chelsea Truck Company Revealed Their Tuned Land Rover Defender

Latest News
Article by Hamza Ansari
Land Rover Defender, the rock-solid taste from England, has now fallen in the hands of Kahn Design and Chelsea Truck Company to get a makeover. On the changed front, the toughness of off-roader was not only retained but also highlighted aggressively for an aggressive quench. The version used to do this handiwork is a Defender 2.2 TDCI XS 110 Wide Track. On the extreme note, tuned Defender now features a revamped front fascia, fresh bumper with infused lighting and cross-hair military headlights. Wider wheel arches on front and rear makes way for a set of 265/75/16 tires to be hugged tightly on the 1948 Defend wheels of satin black shade. The final touch of the package on outers is packed with the twin-exhaust pipes and new mud flaps. Inside the cabin, it is just the opposite of what exteriors explains – mild and luxuriously blown textures spawned overall, GTB sport seats at front, quilted tan Nappa leather with perforation taken over the entire section ranging from door panels, glove box and upholstery. The pricing for such an enticing military vehicle that serves the every purpose of off-roading cushioned in the lap of luxury is out on sale by Kahn Design for 72,875 GBP (91,510 [...]

Breast Ad Caused 517 Accidents In Russia

Latest News
Article by Hamza Ansari
Do you have any better-quirky explanation than this for an accident? Hopefully not, an advertising company in Moscow, Russia has laid 30 mobile trucks with a tricky-yet-revealing ad of breast cancer awareness which caused 517 accidents in a single day! It isn’t an exception the idea was out of the box, but Russians seems to be not so used to such a sort. The advertising poster read in Russian “They attract” with the backdrop of semi-revealing (ahem) breasts – being slapped on 30 trundling trucks by a local ad agency who is familiar for the mobile adverts. As a result, after a hard day of advertising all of the mobile trucks were then gathered by the police for the nuisance happened and were ordered to tear down those obsessive posters, after which they were then let off. Though, it isn’t confirmed whether insurance companies are going to compensate the car owners for crashing their vehicles over such an advertisement. But the ad agency had taken the haste of paying the bills as it was a trial run for them too. We think they are rightful to submit the claims, because not many of us would expect to escape such a billboard even when rushing late to the office.

Blast from the past

Peugeot 308 GT Unveiled At Paris Motor Show 2014

As obviously after a bygone era Peugeot’s long-left battle to power throne has sprung to life once again with the 308 GT. Taken off the cover from this offering at Paris Motor Show 2014, company announced the roll-out to be taking place in the variants [...]

Top 10: Future Classics You Can Afford Now

At least 10 year from now, the automotive market will altogether see a brand new avatar of which we are able to spot just its tip. To the car lovers and enthusiasts, classic cars at those times pose for a lucrative business opportunity. So, a detailed [...]

Land Rover Evoque Diesel Coming To US

Latest News
Article by Hamza Ansari
The posh in America are seemed to be on the saving spree; as earlier reported the Porsche is looking for Diesel Macan to be launched by the next year, now Land Rover have expressed they too want to have their fair pie of share from the same segment by bringing the Evoque diesel to States. Visibly, it can be drawn in a picture that Evoque will bring its 2.2L diesel mill to the country which it sells in most of the markets – that’s needed to do enormous amount of engineering for meeting the norms and regulations. The other side of coin, an explanation given by an official source claims the 2.0L turbodiesel engines from the newly revealed Ingenium family for Discovery Sport fits as a suitable option for the Evoque diesel in US. The mill churns out power in two states of tunes for European market: 160hp/380Nm and 177hp/430Nm. Nothing can be shied away Range Rover seriously needs a makeover in the fuel-efficiency which it delivers at something near to 10mpg from a V8. To take an inspiration from the current hot cakes of US diesels from the luxury repertoire, the British automaker shall look into the numbers of Q5 and Q7 TDIs sold in States.
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